How to replace a GU10 light bulb

How to Replace a GU10 Light bulb

GU10 Cir clip

1. Have your replacement bulb to hand and ensure the light power switch is turned off.

2. Ensure you have safe access to the light fitting, a good step-ladder is normally adequate. It is also advisable to wear eye protection as there is the possibility the glass of the bulb may be damaged and small pieces of glass may fall from the light fitting.

3. Remove the cir-clip that holds the bulb into the fitting using pliers or your thumb and forefinger. Keep the cir-clip to secure the replacement bulb.

4. Push and rotate the bulb 90 degrees anticlockwise, you may need to rotate the bulb back and forth (gently) through 90 degrees until it loosens from it’s fitting, the bulb will then drop out.

GU10 light bulb fitting

5. Orientate the pins of the new bulb to align with the GU10 socket in the fitting. Gently push the bulb into the socket and rotate 90 degrees in a clockwise direction until you feel the bulb lock into position.

6. Fit the cir-clip by squeezing the two ends together and feeding the closed end into the slot on the light fitting.

7. Turn on the light switch to check the bulb is working.